Exploration of the Concept of the Library

Matthew Jones and Dr. Colleen Delaney


This paper is a research analysis exploring the concept of the library in a framework interested in focusing on the elements of print media technologies and the emergence of the eBook and eReader devices as well as the interplay of the digital age and the popularity of digital media. Methods of data gathering regard how people are interested in utilizing these resources in general, with a focal point of the role of the library and how it provides services to its community members inclusive of interests regarding print and digital media. The use of survey and participant-observation with an anthropological lens was used to better understand and portray what library use was like in the John Spoor Broome Library on the campus at CSUCI, while sharing both the experience of the library while visiting in person and while using its online interface to portray any differences and similarities between the two.


  1. I always go to the library and have thought about how much the digital media is taking over and somewhat replacing the experience of actually going to the library. I am a very hands on person so I would prefer actually taking the time to explore a library and physically have the book in my hand. Being in college now has taught how resourceful the library is. They offer so much data and research elements. I agree with your statement of how the library can be a person’s “home away from home.” I think I spent most of my semester in the library for long periods of time. Even if I didn’t have assignments to work on, it was a place for me to be to myself and take advantage of the peacefulness it offered. It was comforting and still is to go there and see all the other students going through the same boat. Like everything else, the digital era is taking over and I can understand its convenience. But I believe that the library is an important place for many different communities. Great job!

  2. Hi Matt, you did a great job covering such an important and complex topic! I feel like library services are often underutilized and taken for granted, so it’s fascinating to learn more about all the hard work on the back end. It makes me appreciate librarians even more! Your poster looks really nice as well— I love the background!

  3. Hi Matt,
    I love the library! I haven’t been utilizing it as much as I used to in person lately since my school work has been online but I have used the library for many years with my children from story time to summer programs!
    Your topic on the library is very timely since Covid had to shut down the libraries and had to go completely digital for a long time. I was amazed by the librarians being creative to stay connected with the community by doing a drive through book rentals in Camarillo library. I think Covid made many people realize how important library is in their life including myself. I think the libraries are doing a wonderful job of providing both digital and the actual books as well as being the important place for the community to come together. I am interested to see how library will continue to change to adjust to the needs of the community. Great Capstone!

  4. Hi Matt– Nice job with a topic that many folks don’t really think about. I know it was difficult to “bring it all together.”

  5. Nice job on your presentation and poster Matt! I remember going to the library in middle school and high school mainly for fun and sometimes for classes, it was one of my favorite pass times in school because it allowed me to escape from the real world for a time and lose myself in a good book. I think that while pdfs, ebooks or other online material might be easier to get ahold of or might be more affordable in a sense. I think there is no better experience than talking to a librarian in person should I have an issue or a question about my paper, or resources available. While I think both have their pros and cons, there is nothing that replaces the calm serenity of being in a library surrounded by books and different people from all walks of life. A job well done on a topic not many people think about in a world going digital.

  6. I love that you were able to describe the various ways that the library is an important cultural space. I personally rely on the library resources and space to be able to get myself focused on getting my school work done. Your study also answers question that I had about the future of libraries. I think that libraries will continue to be a cultural hub even if the modes of delivering information evolves. Thank you for highlighting all the hard work that goes into running a sustaining library’s, a much needed and appreciated resource.

  7. Hi Matt,

    I have never thought of a library in terms of all the work that a librarian must do in order to offer some of those digital files. Also, the possibility that there may be less physical library due to the digital age. I, myself, during Covid doing research and working from home and hardly set foot in the library. I do agree that the library must get creative to accommodate with the changing times of todays technological society. However, I do see the importance of having physical copies rather than just digital.

  8. Hi Matt! I think you have a great research project and you can really tell that you put a lot of effort into it. I grew up going to the library and I still go frequently today. I’m glad to see that your research results reflect the evolving nature of this subculture. Even though there has been a large shift into e-books and online data, I think the library will always be relevant to those who identify as part of its community. Great job!

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