What Genes Do We Have in Common with and Have We Gained Through Interbreeding with Homo Neanderthalensis that have Helped Homo Sapiens to Adapt Over Time? 

William Tolle and Dr. Rachel Olsthoorn 


What genes do we have in common with or have we gained through interbreeding with Homo Neanderthalensis that have helped Homo Sapiens to adapt over time?

The purpose of this project is to educate the average layman about the information within and how it can help Homo Sapiens as a species moving forward by informing different fields of study. There is a large disconnect between researchers in the Anthropological world and the rest of the non scientific community when it comes to our sister species and the genetics that we either share or have gained from them through interbreeding. Seven genes in all have been chosen, two phenotypic considerations of hair and eye color, two genotypic considerations of immune system strength and ability to speak verbally, an example of how ancient DNA is helping to fight Covid-19 and two that are double edged swords and have both positive and negative effects on Homo Sapiens. These genes were chosen as they show the largest range of how they could have or should have helped Homo Sapiens to adapt to their local environments. What was found was that all of these genes have helped Homo Sapiens to adapt to their environments, some more so in the past than in the present with the advent of technology, and that they continue to have a large effect on the species and its adaptability as a whole even today.


Session 2 – 3:00p.m. – 4:15p.m.

Room A – Sierra 1411 

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